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Hail Damage

Hail causes a significant amount of roof damage across the country each year.  It also causes widespread interior damages due to the roofs inability to prevent water from penetrating into the structure. Contrasted with the central part of the United States where hail can be as large as a grapefruit, hail in Florida typically ranges from the size of a dime to that of a golf ball.  While hail damage in Florida may not be as pronounced as hail damage in the Midwest, it is nonetheless often severe enough that a full roof replacement is warranted.

Issues commonly raised by insurance companies with hail claims include (i) identifying the exact date of loss, (ii) determining if the roof damage was caused by hail, or, if it was caused by other factors not covered under the policy, and (iii) repair vs. replacement of the roof.  

After you notify your insurance company of your claim, they will assign an adjuster to conduct a site inspection and make an initial determination if there is hail damage.  After that occurs, often times they may retain a roofing consultant or professional engineering firm to conduct further investigation into the hail damage claim.  It is important to note that virtually every insurance policy requires the insurance company to adjust losses with you, as opposed to adjusting the claim against your interest(s).  They should take your comments, questions, and suggestions into consideration when adjusting your claim.  Take note if your insurer fails to ask for your input as to who should conduct the roof inspection.  If they don’t ask you, but instead just assign somebody without your input, understand that there is a high probability that the adjuster handling your file is required to select a roofing consultant or engineering firm off a list that has already been pre-approved by your insurance company.       

Another thing to be aware of is that the roofing consultants and engineering firms on these pre-approved vendor lists more likely than not generate a considerable amount of their revenue every year from the insurance industry by performing these inspections.  So, if your roof was damaged by hail, but your insurer tells you that there is minimal roof damage and/or that the damages are not covered under the policy, it is highly advisable to get a second opinion from an independent, qualified, and unbiased roof consultant or professional engineer who has experience conducting forensic roof investigations.       

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